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Man and younger woman, both white, sittiing on ground beside black box which is a moth trap

Volunteer moth recorders Hugo and Frankie Crombie and Simon Collings set up a light trap at the hydro on 29 June. They were back on site at 5 the next morning to see what they had caught.

The star find was a buff-tip moth that resembles a piece of twig when at rest. Other moth species included cinnabar, coronet, small magpie, riband wave and large yellow underwing. There were also caddis flies, a large mayfly and a number of smaller insects.

The trap uses a light to attract moths. Inside are egg-box sections in which they can hide. They can escape if they wish. All the insects were released after identification, and recordings submitted to the National Moth Recording Scheme.

When the hydro was built the fence bordering the towpath was planted with native species supplied by The Woodland Trust, which now form an insect-friendly hedge. We are further enhancing the site for insects.

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