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Local projects

We are just one of many local low-carbon initiatives, all working to reduce the carbon footprint of west Oxford and beyond.

Here are links to some of the incredible organisations and initiatives we are proud to work with and support.

Low Carbon West Oxford

Our surpluses support the work of Low Carbon West Oxford, the award-winning community-led charity whose action has been combating the climate crisis since 2007.

Low Carbon Hub

We are community group-shareholder members of Low Carbon Hub, the Oxfordshire based social enterprise that’s out to prove it is possible to meet our energy needs in a way that is good for people and good for the planet.

Project LEO

We participated in Local Energy Oxfordshire, one of the UK’s most ambitious, wide-ranging and innovative energy trials, seeking to accelerate the UK’s transition to a zero-carbon energy system.

Osney Lock Hydro pooled data with homes and businesses on Osney Island that have solar PV. We installed batteries so the hydro could store power overnight and discharge it in the evening when demand peaks. The aim was to understand the potential for the island to reduce its demand on the national grid.

Hogacre Common Eco Park

This 14-acre site, originally set up by WOCoRe, is now an independent community space where biodiversity is encouraged, renewable resources are nurtured and harvested and where local production is king.

Westmill Sustainable Energy Trust

Westmill Sustainable Energy Trust (WeSET) is a charity set up by members of the Westmill Wind Farm Co-operative and the Westmill Solar Co-operative. They have worked with us to create educational resources on hydropower which form part of their wider energy educational materials.

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