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Our solar portfolio

Our community-owned solar energy schemes

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    Solar:Powerhouse solar array

    This is a 9kW array comprising 28 panels located on the roof of the Osney Lock Hydro turbine house.   Commissioned in 2016, the array’s expected annual generation is around 6,000 kWh per year.  The output is sold alongside the hydro generation output, to the Environment Agency and the national grid.  The installation also benefits from the Small-Scale…
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    Solar:The King’s Centre

    The King’s Centre is a conference centre owned by Oxfordshire Community Churches and is situated on the Osney Mead Industrial Estate. It hosts WOCoRe’s first community-owned array.   This 11kW array was installed in 2009 on the roof of the reception building. Its electricity output of around 9,000 kWh per year is sold to the centre,…
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    Solar:South Street

    A 10kW array of solar panels was installed by WOCoRe on social housing owned by Oxford City Council on Osney Island, West Oxford. The tenants benefit from free electricity as a result of the installation. This Solar PV array is now owned by Hogacre Common Eco Park and the resulting Feed in Tariff provides ongoing income for…
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    This is a 50kW solar array installed on the roof of the Aldi supermarket on Botley Road at the time it was built, in 2010.  It comprises 284 panels and 4 inverters.   The array is East-facing owing to the design of the roof, and typical annual generation is around 30,000kWh.  The electricity is sold to Aldi. The…
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    Solar:Matthew Arnold

    Operating since 2010, this installation is actually two separate arrays that between them comprise 540 panels and 9 inverters. They have a combined capacity of 100kWp. The installation is situated at Matthew Arnold School, off Cumnor Hill, Botley. One array is on the roof of the main school block and the second on the roof…
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    TKC2 is located on the larger ‘Cotswold Hall’ roof of the conference centre, and is owned by The King’s Centre itself.  It was installed by WOCoRe in 2011, using grant funding received as part of the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s Low Carbon Community Challenge. At 39 kW it is larger than the original…
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    Solar:Hogacre Common

    The former Corpus Christi College sports ground, now Hogacre Common Eco Park, is located 15 minutes’ walk along the river from Osney Lock, and is leased by the college to WOCoRe. It hosts a small wind turbine. The 6kWe Proven turbine has an overall height of 17.5 metres including the 2.5 metre-long blades. WOCoRe oversaw…
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