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Educational materials

Osney Lock Hydro represents an inspiring educational and practical resource for understanding sustainability. We have produced three educational packs to support learning on topics related to our project. With lesson plans, presentations and worksheets, the packs are designed to support KS2 and KS3 learning on a range of subjects.

Each lesson includes

  • a lesson plan
  • presentation and supporting delivery notes (PowerPoint and pdf versions each with their own delivery notes)
  • worksheets and answer sheets, in printable and fillable versions

Incorporating short videos, discussion points and highlighting links to cross-curricular learning, these resources use Osney Lock Hydro as a case study to bring the topics of electricity, renewable energy, and sustainability to life.

Lesson 1: Hydro power

  • understand what hydro power is
  • be able to explain how hydro electricity is generated
  • be familiar with different hydro power schemes
  • be able to identify and explain the function of an Archimedean screw turbine

The full set of materials can be downloaded from here: Hydro power

Lesson 2: Osney Lock Hydro

  • be able to identify reasons for Osney Island’s suitability for a run-of-river hydro scheme
  • understand what it means to have a share in a community-owned project like Osney Lock Hydro
  • be able to identify and explain the way the scheme benefits the community

The full set of materials can be downloaded from here: Osney Lock Hydro

Lesson 3: Fish pass

  • be able to identify the reason why fish migrate
  • understand how different types of fish pass allow fish to migrate upstream
  • explain why the fish pass was installed at Osney Lock Hydro and the benefits this has brought

The full set of materials can be downloaded from here: Fish Pass

These resources were created for us by the wonderful Emma Arnold, Education Officer at Westmill Sustainable Energy Trust. They form part of a wider range of educational materials on electricity, solar and our sustainable future which are available from the WeSET website.

Thank you to National Lottery Heritage Fund for funding the creation of these materials as part of our ‘Unlocking the Potential of Our River’ project.

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