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Welcome to the grid edge

The grid edge refers to the ‘edge’ of the electricity network, the point at which we connect to the network and electricity reaches our homes and businesses. It’s also called the ‘low voltage’ network, where the massive pylons, cables and substations that make up the physical infrastructure of our energy system finally reach us. And for a long time, our interaction with the grid edge hasn’t changed all that much.

In this video Mairi Brookes, Smart Energy Systems Director at Low Carbon Hub takes you on a tour of our local area – Osney Island, Oxford – to show you how the energy system works, and explains some of the changes that are taking place at the grid edge.

The video was created as part of Project LEO (Local Energy Oxfordshire). Osney Island was the location for Osney Supercharge, a key trial in the project, and one which in which Osney Lock Hydro participated.

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