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In May the hydro had a visit from Australian Madie Sturgess who was in Britain researching community energy projects. Madie works with Australian First Nations communities that have spent years fighting against exploitation of the land by industries like mining and fracking. They want to work together for something positive and community energy gives them this opportunity.

Madie visited England and Scotland on a Gill Owen Scholarship from Energy Consumers Australia to research energy projects and policies that allow community participation in the transition to zero carbon. She was interested in Project LEO and the Low Carbon Hub as enablers of this.

She is passionate about fit-for-purpose solutions for sustainable development, the democratisation of energy and the larger transition to circular economies – all of which depend for their success on working with the communities they serve.

Young Australian First Nations woman being shown control panel by older white man
Madie and WOCoRe director Simon Collings looking at the control-room data-display screen
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