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Powerhouse construction underway

After a lull over the summer months, the next phase of work is underway at Osney Lock Hydro.   The delay has been due to it taking longer than expected to finalise the terms of the lease for the site, rather than any issue with the installation of the screw. Rumours of the archimedean screw being put in back to front made for a better story, but we are happy to report are unfounded!

The focus of this phase is to get the powerhouse built and commission the hydro scheme so we can start generating clean, green electricity

A steel framed powerhouse is being constructed, using solar panels for a roof, to maximise generation capacity at the site.  The middle section of the roof will feature PV cells set in transparent laminate, allowing natural light into the powerhouse.

At the same time, we’ll be putting the brushes into the fish pass, so fish can start to use the channel to swim upstream – the first time the weir has been passable to fish for two hundred years.

The final piece of the jigsaw is to put in place all the necessary wiring and electrical works to enable us to start generating.    All being well, we hope to be up and running later this autumn.

As ever, thank you to our Bridge and South St neighbours for their forbearance during construction.

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