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The latest news from WOCoRe and Osney Lock Hydro

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  • General News

    General News:Now onto the good bit…..

    Hydro base emerging from the river bed; screw on order Great news of the last couple of weeks is that we have stopped digging and started building!  The photographs below show the base for the microhydro growing out of the riverbed and we can already see the distinctive curved end of the Powerhouse beautifully cast…
  • General News

    General News:Revealing the secrets of the river bed

    With the cofferdam in place, water has now been drained from the site of Weir B, so work on the riverbed can commence. The draining of the site also provides a unique opportunity to learn more about its history. A key point of interest is the century old winding gear for the weir. Oxford Archeology…
  • General News

    General News:Building work starts

    Construction of the cofferdam started on Monday 8th July.  In consultation with the Environment Agency, our contractors have slightly modified the design of the cofferdam. As a result the contractor has implemented a special piling head which as enabled them to use a relatively quiet piling technique using a ‘silent hammer’ or vibro-hammer. We have…
  • General News

    General News:Construction Work Begins at Osney Lock

    Osney Lock Hydro and the Environment Agency are pleased to announce that the Osney Lock site has now been fully mobilised and so construction work can begin on building the generator base for the Hydro and replacing the Weir B gates. The first element of the work is to build cofferdams to keep the water…
  • General News

    General News:Cofferdam construction latest

    We are dismayed to be once again announcing a further week’s delay to the start of pile driving on the site. The delay continues to be due to the finalising of the details relating to the leasing of the site. We had a very constructive meeting with the Environment Agency’s legal team today,  and expect…
  • General News

    General News:Cofferdam construction start date

    Cofferdam construction One of the first tasks for the contractors will be to put in a cofferdam, to enable the civil engineering works to take place.  It is anticipated that the pile-driving will take around two weeks (10 working days) at the time of writing is now expected to start the week commencing 1st July. The…
  • General News

    General News:Site preparation starts

    As part of the preparation of the site, the Himalayan Cedar at Osney Lock was felled today along with a small crab apple tree and some shrubs.  This followed a visit by our ecologist to check the site for nesting birds.  There were no nests in the felled tree, but the sycamore and conifer trees…
  • General News

    General News:The work begins

    And we’re off! The first consignment of kit arriving on site. We’ll be bringing you regular updates on our progress via the website.  Look out for updates in the news section as well via a new ‘construction’ area which will be going live shortly.
  • General News

    General News:Osney Lock Hydro and Fish

    We have been disappointed by recent inaccurate stories in the local press regarding the impact of hydro schemes on fish, for example, a piece in last week’s Oxford Times ‘Anglers warn over Thames hydro-plant threat to fish.’   We have felt particularly dismayed given the care we have taken to fully assess the ecological impact of…
  • General News

    General News:SEIS and EIS advance approval

    30th April HMRC have informed us that on the basis of the information we provided to them they would be able to authorise OLH to issue compliance certificates for SEIS and EIS once we complete the necessary forms.
  • General News

    General News:Abstraction licence granted

    We have heard today from the Environment Agency that the Abstraction License has been signed off today.
  • General News

    General News:Pledge target reached in just 9 days!

    Wow! We’ve hit our pledge target in just 9 days!  Given the phenomenal response to the share offer we are now reassessing our financial model to calculate the potential to accept a greater level of investment.   This would enable us to reduce the level of loans taken out to fund the project.
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