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Latest construction news

Powerhouse construction on track

We are now quite a long way through the Turbine House build and expect it to finish in the next couple of weeks.Once this is completed, the next task is to put in the electrics.

Solar PV roof

As well as generating electricity from the hydro, we’ll also be building Solar PV panels into the roof of the powerhouse to maximise the generation potential of the site. Some of these will be innovative transparent panels, which will enable natural light to come through into the powerhouse. Once these are in place, we will be able to remove the scaffolding.

Generation on schedule to start this year

We are having to work sequentially because of the need for scaffolding and to make sure different sets of contractors don’t get mixed up with each other! However, we are currently well on schedule for this phase, and if all continues to go to plan, we hope to be able to commission the hydro and start generating before Christmas.

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