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Grid Edge Innovation at Osney

Grid edge innovation at Osney

This summer has seen some changes at Osney Lock Hydro including the installation of two batteries on site. So after a very dry summer, we are delighted to see river flow conditions picking up as we enter the traditional winter generation period, so we can start putting them to work.  

We’re currently working with the Environment Agency to finalise the set-up of the local communications systems and look forward to getting up and running shortly.

As well as providing us and the EA with real time generation information, the system will now enable us to participate in Osney SuperCharge with the hydro providing ‘anchor load’ generation data as part of the project’s aim to demonstrate how communities can work collectively to create a smart and flexible clean energy system.

This project is investigating the potential for local electricity generation, including the power from Osney Lock Hydro, to reduce pressure on the electricity grid during peak periods. Up to five more houses are expected to install solar panels in the next few months.

Eight properties on the island now have new solar panels installed, and six storage batteries have been installed with two of them at Osney Lock Hydro, as part of Osney Supercharge.

The householders with kit installed are now able to monitor their own generation and use this information to maximise the benefits of the panels and batteries. They will also have the chance to participate in a trial scheme in which power from batteries can be drawn down or charged up by the grid at peak times in return for a small payment to the householder.

You can read more about Osney Supercharge on the Project LEO website.

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