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And we’re off!

Our GE59 test was carried out this morning, and following a satisfactory test of the generating equipment, the hydro has been officially commissioned – the executive team celebrated with much needed hot chocolate after a chilly on-site orientation session this lunchtime.

There are still final bits of work to do before we get fully operational, so the team will be back on site on Monday to finish the works on the communication systems between the hydro, the weirs and Osney Mill hydro, needed to co-ordinate the flow of water between them.

The hydro then needs to be run it, so don’t be surprised if you pass the site and the screw isn’t turning, or turning slowly  This is all part of the process of getting it fully up and running.

Work will also continue on site on other elements of the project.  The Clear solar PV roof will be installed mid-February.  We then need to landscape the site, which will remain closed to the public until we have raised the funds for the River Bank project – but the hydro is still visible from the tow path so do please come and visit.



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