The King’s Centre Solar Panels

The King’s Centre Solar Panels

The King's Centre Solar Panels

WOCoRe has overseen the installation of two separate arrays of panels at The King’s Centre. The first array was funded thanks to investment by WOCoRe members, the second using grant funding received as part of the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s ‘Low Carbon Community Challenge’.

Together the panels are expected to generate 10% of the energy requirements of the Centre. The King’s Centre is a not for profit centre for
conferences and events.

WOCoRe currently only owns one of the two arrays.  It was necessary for WOCoRe to disinvest itself of the second array following an EU ruling which made it impossible for WOCoRe to retain the second grant funded array and claim the Feed-in tariff.

We hope to be able to return this array to community ownership in the future.

Type of installation
Solar pv panels
Size of installation
11 kWp & 39 kWp
Date of installation
Aug 2009 & May 2011
Projected annual electricity generation (kWe)
,350 & 35,700
Projected annual carbon savings (tonnes)
5.09 & 19.5
Cost of installation (ex VAT)
£50,933 & £128,226
Approximate annual income
£4,000 & £11,000

PV: Photovoltaics – an array of cells that contain a device to convert solar radiation into direct current electricity
kWp: Kilowatt-peak units. PV panel’s peak power at maximum solar radiation under Standard Test Conditions.