South Street

South Street solar Panels


Solar panels were installed by WOCoRe on social housing owned by Oxford City Council on Osney Island, West Oxford. The tenants benefit from free electricity as a result of the installation.

This Solar PV array is now owned by Hogacre Common Eco Park and the resulting Feed in Tariff provides ongoing income for their work.

Type of installation
Solar PV Panels
Size of installation
10 kWp
Date of installation
Jan 2011
Projected annual electricity generation (kWp)
Projected annual carbon savings (tonnes)
Cost of installation (ex VAT)
Approximate annual income

PV: Photovoltaics – an array of cells that contain a device to convert solar radiation into direct current electricity
kWp: Kilowatt-peak units. PV panel’s peak power at maximum solar radiation under Standard Test Conditions.