Matthew Arnold School

Matthew Arnold School Solar Panels

540 panels were installed by WOCoRe on two roofs at Matthew Arnold School, off Cumnor Hill, Botley. This is the largest photovoltaic array on a school in the UK and is expected to produce about 30% of the school’s energy requirements.

Matthew Arnold School Solar Panels

The installation was subsequently sold to Oxfordshire County Council, and the proceeds donated to Low Carbon West Oxford and the Low Carbon Hub.

In 2015 the Council offered the opportunity to buy back the array and following a successful share offer, we bought back the array on 1 August 2015.

Type of installation
Solar pv panels
Size of installation
100 kWp
Date of installation
May 2010
Projected annual electricity generation (kWh)
Projected annual carbon savings (tonnes)
Cost of installation (ex VAT)
Approximate annual income

PV: Photovoltaics – an array of cells that contain a device to convert solar radiation into direct current electricity
kWp: Kilowatt-peak units. PV panel’s peak power at maximum solar radiation under Standard Test Conditions.