Hogacre Common

Hogacre Wind Turbine

The former Corpus Christi sports ground, located 15 minutes’ walk along the river from Osney Lock, is the site of a small wind turbine.
Hogacre Common Ecology Centre
The Proven turbine has an overall height of 17.5 metres including the 2.5 metre long blades.

WOCoRe oversaw the installation of the turbine, which now belongs to Hogacre Eco Park, and provides electricity and income for the running of the Park.

Type of installation
Wind Turbine
Size of installation
Date of installation
May 2011
Projected annual electricity generation (kWe)
Projected annual carbon savings (tonnes)
Cost of installation (ex VAT)
Approximate annual income

kWe: Is the capacity, expressed in kilowatts of the equipment rather than the peak output.